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Oct 3, 2012 12:00am PDT
is dana buller. i am new to this commission. what i know i get from newspapers or reports from people who are watching videos of things that happened. i am concerned because i think that the -- any actions you might contemplate today might should be held off because of the -- i have to jump back to the situation that i think preceded the dismissal of the sunshine task force members. i believe they were dismissed because they criticized the members of the board who were responsible for an action that involved a friend of mine, cathy link. when she spoke out of order at the relevant board of supervisors meeting. she was forcibly removed unjustifiably. she was held out -- she then came back in the room to get her backpack. but that's when she had her arm twisted behind her back. forced out of room. handcuffed and held downstairs here for half an hour. and had the good fortune of being spoken for chair hennessey's assistant. who i can't think of their name now, otherwise would be taken downtown. the persons in charge of that meeting should have seen to it that the bailiffs or who the official
Sep 30, 2012 8:30pm PDT
to exist. and that's [buzzer] what the order meant. >> i am dana buller. as a kind of outsider to these proceedings. i need to say that the absence of the original task force document that says, i get nervous talking. so i don't make sense sometimes. let me back up. i have a draft version of what a lot of articles. and then there is this other one that isn't marked draft. so i had to figure out as a naive observer, where there changes between the draft and this document? and i have concluded oh, well, this document is what is already in existence. but then i realized that oh, no, there isn't a copy of the task force regulations, the original. so these two as far as i can figure out the same thing. so i pointed out because it makes it impossible for me to understand as a member of the public what you are doing here. these are not -- i don't know if these are new regulations or slightly changed versions of the old? i can't think of the word, the governing document for, running the task force. so i don't have access to that. so i can't make sense out of your intended changes becau
Oct 2, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the neighborhood. so i'm not worried about your mid highs. i'm worried about your base. >> hi my name is dana castro, the property manager at the chronicle building and i'm here on behalf of the developer ann hurst and our partnership is with gafta and this is an important project for us to be launching. with that said there is another element that we didn't discuss here, which takes place on natoma street and that is a performance stage. that intersection for the arts will be curating. and i believe i included that in the application it will be and the concept will consist of dance, theater, performance, song. it wouldn't be truly heavy on the base. i wanted to make sure you were aware of that as well. and then we'll follow with the next steps for the chamber. >> question to staff, is there any way we can split this up and approve the stage on natoma? we can? >> sure. yes. absolutely. i mean, we can rustle up the proper paperwork in the office, but as far as intention, just be clear about what you are approving and what you are continuing or not approving and we'll fix it. >> is it also p
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)